I've always been interested in how our personal history and experience shapes our lives and our decisions. Why people behave, how they behave and why they feel the way they feel.

After graduation I studied economics, politics and sociology. I wanted to understand how political and social processes influence each other and how social rule systems work.
Working in the Federal ministry it became quickly clear that I want to be engaged much closer with people. 

By chance I met the Grinberg Method. At first I did not intend to bring the studies to the end, let alone actually following the profession of a practitioner. I rather thought  "let's see where it might take me". That was probably the best attitude for me to approach this work. I found a profession that I love.

Since 2013 I have been working with clients of different ages. I consider it as an enrichment for me and my personal development to accompany my clients along the process to find their own way.

Together with a very good friend we developed a Body & Mind Coaching project.
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