What is the Grinberg Method?

The somatic bodywork with the Grinberg Method is a process-oriented method of learning that shows you ways to re-experience your body and yourself. Working with the body makes it possible to reach various parts of our human personality and if wished to change them. The activation and revitalization of the body, eg. by altering the muscle tension, will release held and blocked energy to flow freely again

During our lives we have learned how to behave and how to be in certain situations. These ´automatic reactions´ created routines and behavior patterns which are equally reflected in body patterns. In a way they define our being - the way we move, how we breathe, think, act and feel. They determine how we look at ourself, at fellow humans and how we perceive the world around us.

For example, whenever father and mother had a fight, a childs body reacted with collapsing the chest, tensing the stomach and shallow breathing, by this it could have learned how to "suppress sadness".

When this behavior is repeated often and over a long period, such a mechanism may become independent and develop into an unconscious routine.

Often we are unconscious of these patterns because they happen automatically and in a way have became "part of us". Whether they happen consciously or unconsciously, they leave marks in our bodies, which  can lead to headaches, nervousness, shoulder and neck pain, insomnia, tension, lack of motivation, etc...


Who is the Method useful for?

My offer is addressed to all people who can shape their own lives and want to take responsibility for themselves and their bodies. The desire to want to change something in your life is sufficient to decide staring a learning process.

Acute physical pain symptoms and chronic pain are often the reason for the beginning of a process. But even relationship problems, anxiety, loneliness, listlessness, shyness, stress, depression or a desire to feel more alive, may be an opportunity to begin a process.

The Grinberg Method is not based on any ideology and has no spiritual background. It is suitable for people of all ages.

I recommend everyone to arrange a trial session first
to find out whether the method suits you.


What happens during a learning process?

A so-called learning process consists of several meetings, called sessions. The number is determined individually and based on your needs. The session usually last one hour and takes place on a weekly basis.

At the first meeting the common objective of the process is defined. A learning process usually starts with a foot analysis. Most of the time you are laying on a massage table. I direct your attention to your body and feelings using verbal instructions, touch and breathing techniques. In the sessions you consciously learn about your patterns. We specifically point out the connection between your emotional attitudes and the corresponding physical patterns.

Through the conscious experience of your body and my guidance I teach you to recognize the recurring patterns and ways how to change them. The energy that was previously invested in tension and automatic repetition of attitudes, can than be used for your personal purposes. 


How much does it cost?

Die first session usually last 90 minutes (including 30 minutes of foot analysis). It costs

in Berlin: 80 Euro
in Baden-Baden: 100 Euro

Any further session last 60 minutes and costs

in Berlin: 60 Euro
in Baden-Baden: 75 Euro

The sessions are times I only reserve for you. If you can not come please let me know at least 24 hours in advance If not I reserve my right to charge you anyway. 

I teach in german and english.